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Mitutoyo CMM reach the ‘Summit’ of Quality

To help ensure that it has the range of abilities to meet its customers’ ever evolving needs and the machining capacity to satisfy growing demands, the West Midlands based business has continually invested in the latest CNC production technology.

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Mitutoyo Coordinating Pace & Precision at ADP

As final inspection is usually the last process undertaken before manufactured components are dispatched, delays in this important activity can squander any time savings and efficiencies gained through the use of highly-productive CNC machine tools.

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Mitutoyo’s new MiSCAN system probes the smallest detail

An innovative multi-sensor form measurement system, Mitutoyo’s new MiSCAN allies coordinate measuring machine (CMM) and vision measurement machine (VMM) technologies to enable scanning measurement of the smallest component features using the newly developed MPP‑NANO micro‑form probe.

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The ‘Apex’ of Mitutoyo Precision for Qualiturn

Hertford based Qualiturn Products Ltd a perfect example of the productivity increases that can be achieved by the application of advanced IT systems, the use of high-yield machine tools and the adoption of cutting-edge automation technology.

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